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Welcome to the home of PulseGuard

An innovative seizure alarm unlike any other

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PulseGuard - Care homes & independent living

Alerts direct to your lifeline, red button & call system

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Meet the team behind PulseGuard

Since 2014 we have been striving to help people with epilepsy

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How easy is PulseGuard to use?

We love hearing from our customers and especially loved receiving this gorgeous video from 4 year old Poppy demonstrating how easy her PulseGuard is to use. Please click the video to watch.

Pioneering Assistive Technology

Pulseguard was developed orginally for Tom Perry, who has Dravet Syndrome, (severe form of epilepsy) by his father who wanted to safeguard his son during sleep, as no other monitoring systems met his needs.

Seizure Monitoring Solution

Pulseguard is a heart rate monitor that detects a rise or fall in a HR to not only detect seizure activity but any early onset of cardiac difficulty that will require immediate medical intervention to help preserve life.

Family Based Support

We are a family run, not for profit business to provide ongoing support, monitoring and key skills to help families with epilepsy.


Is PulseGuard a Medical Device?
Does the iPad have to be in the same room?
Can the sound be extended to another room?
How long does the battery last in the sensor?
How will I know PulseGuard will work?

 Why choose PulseGuard?


Dedicated to developing new technologies for monitoring heart rates and alerting should a problem arise.

Easy Operation

Designed for the standard home user to be able to operate easily and without complication.


24/7 Product Support, day or night, we are here for you .

PulseGuard Informational E-Booklet

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