PulseGuard & PulseGuard Pro Updates

PulseGuard and PulseGuard Pro are receiving new updates today. With the amazing help of the Epilepsy Society, we have developed our software further. Some of the long awaited features of Pro are being released. Please see below for all the update information:   Release Notes: PulseGuard Pro V1.5 Continuous...

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Adris Technologies Awarded Additional Funding

Many parents struggle to manage their children’s seizures. PulseGuard has changed the lives of many of these families.  As a result, the Nominet Trust awarded funding in October 2015. Consequently, this grant helped create a seizure monitor for the professional health industry. This week saw the release of PulseGuard Pro....

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PulseGuard Pro Telecare and Nursing systems

December sees the launch of two new products here at Adris Technologies, designed to help the lives of adults living independently or within a care/nursing home setting who require comprehensive seizure and heart rate monitoring. PulseGuard Pro Link and PulseGuard Pro LinkPage both work alongside our new Pro software packed with...

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iOS 10 – Update Alert

Update Alert: iOS 10 is coming in the autumn and we ask all PulseGuard users to refrain from updating their tablets until we know PulseGuard will continue working with it. PulseGuard uses the iOS operating system to run on our tablets, and we continually check PulseGuard’s compatibility as updates...

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PulseGuard featured on the BBC

Last week, Adrian and Chris from PulseGuard, were invited up to Broadcasting House, by BBC tech correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones. Whilst looking for Health Tech companies, PulseGuard was put forward to him and an interview was set up. Rory, a previous Nominet Trust judge, joined us in our excitement after hearing...

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