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Product Description

PulseGuard™ has been designed to assist people with epilepsy whose pulse rate either drops or increases during a seizure. This is specifically important if they are at risk of having a seizure when they are asleep.

How does PulseGuard work?

The PulseGuard™ system consists of two components: a wrist or ankle worn sensor that communicates via Bluetooth with the PulseGuard™ tablet (a specially modified Apple iPad). The lightweight heart monitoring sensor can be comfortably worn on either the wrist or ankle and does not interfere with the user’s sleep. The sensor constantly monitors the wearer’s pulse and sends data to the PulseGuard™ tablet that is located in the same room. The tablet processes this constant data flow and will raise an alert if the user’s pulse-rate falls outside the normal parameters that can be individually programmed. The PulseGuard™ tablet stores all the data that can be analyzed or sent to a healthcare professional if required. PulseGuard™ is suitable for all ages, even young children and infants as young as 5 months old.

PulseGuard Sensor Size Guide

The PulseGuard Sensor comes in two sizes:

Standard – This size is used for all ages and is best suited for use around the wrist or ankle in adults and can be used around the thigh or upper arm in young children. Long – This size is used for adults who would prefer to wear the sensor on the forearm, upper arm or leg.

If you have a concern or question about the size, please call on to discuss further.


PulseGuard™ is ready to use straight out of the box. If you generally sleep in another room and would like to be notified of an alert from someone wearing the sensor, then we also recommend connecting our Bluetooth speaker or an Apple AirPlay device to the tablet and locating it in the room you sleep in. This way, the alarm sound will be sent directly to the speaker and will remove all sound from the wearer’s bedroom.

What's included in the package?

The full PulseGuard™ package includes:

  • Specially modified iPad Mini* pre-loaded with the latest version of PulseGuard™
  • PulseGuard™ Sensor
  • 1 year’s free 24/7 telephone support
  • Instruction Manual
  • USB twin Power Socket (Product delivered may be different from image)
  • Alert-It’s P194 Bluetooth repeater and Advanced Pager

*Please note, the PulseGuard™ tablet has been modified and as such can no longer be used as a normal iPad.

Further Information

PulseGuard™ has been developed to monitor the heart rate of an individual while sleeping, recording the activity of the pulse and alerting should the heart rate rise/fall above or below a specific pre-set level.

PulseGuard™ has been developed for use with a special heart monitoring sensor, this sensor can be worn either on an arm or an ankle, is comfortable and very light and has been designed to allow the wearer a comfortable night’s sleep. The sensor connects directly to the tablet via Low Energy Bluetooth (BTLE), which is then detected by PulseGuard™ .

PulseGuard™ has been developed to be user friendly and easy to use, allowing the user to program in an average heart rate which, if the heart rate should rise or fall beyond the bounds of your configured settings, will alert the user to a problem via an audible alarm.

PulseGuard™ also records all activity of the wearer when activated for future use, should a medical professional wish to analyze the frequency of a problem should it occur. All recorded activity is stored on the tablet, which can then be sent via email at the touch of a button.

PulseGuard™ has been developed for people who suffer from epileptic seizures and who’s heart rate either increases or decreases during a seizure, alerting whoever is monitoring that person that a possible seizure is occurring, giving them time to administer lifesaving treatment should it be necessary.

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For even more information on PulseGuard™:

Click the link to view the PulseGuard™ E-Booklet.