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Meet the Team

The PulseGuard Team is a family each with there own role, working together we have managed to create a close and productive working environment which have managed to create PulseGuard and bring it to market.

Family Unit

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Tom Perry

Tom is the most important member of the team, without him PulseGuard would not exist. He is our chief product tester who ensures the systems we all dream up and put together, actually work!

Product Tester

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Adrian Perry

Adrian is married to Sue, father of Kate, Chris and Tom and is the inventor of PulseGuard, he spends his time dedicated to inventing, researching and designing  new ways to detect health problems and making the lives of our customers and the people they care for better.

Product Design & Research
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Sue Perry

Sue is married to Adrian, mother of Kate, Chris and Tom and is responsible for boxing ears and keeping everybody in place and working well together, without her the PulseGuard team would never have happened, she is the glue that binds us all.

Family Liaison Coordinator


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Chris Perry

Chris is married to Liana and responsible for keeping the company running and writing the software.

He currently has 15 years’ experience within the IT industry and is dedicated to introducing innovating ideas into PulseGuard and providing technical support to customers.

Managing Director
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Liana Perry

Liana is married to Chris and is responsible for all graphical work.

She has 6 years’ experience as a graphic designer and designs everything from posters to in app graphics.

Graphic Designer
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Kate Farmer

Kate is married to Mike and a full time Mum.

She currently  has 10 years’ experience working as an EMT in the Ambulance Service. Kate brings her medical background and patient care into the company to make sure that each individual customer’s needs are met on a personal level and full guidance and support are given when required.

Sales Manager
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Mike Farmer

Mike is married to Kate and together they have 4 boys.

He currently has 7 years’ experience working as an EMT in the ambulance service and dedicates as much time as he can into clinical research for PulseGuard as well as supporting Kate in her role.

Clinical Researcher


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Jonnie Temple

Jonnie is the newest (inc. most handsome, sexiest, manly, most delusional, etc) member of the team and a good friend of the Perry family and is responsible for sales, marketing and the social network side of PulseGuard. He is married, with  three awesome children and interests include building mandolins out of broken guitars, drawing/painting, grooming his nicely kempt beard and sniping Chris with his Nerf-gun.

Sales & Marketing Manager